If you're interested in having a custom made lightsaber built, feel free to contact me. In addition, if you already have a Force FX lightsaber that you would like converted from a 64 LED setup with a fixed blade to a single LED setup with a removable blade, I can do this for you as well. Here are the types of sabers I can build for you with ballpark estimates on price (prices are contingent on the complexity of the design and the cost of parts):

Custom Built PVC Saber: $40-$80 (plus cost of sound board, optional)

Custom Built Sink-Tube Saber: $50-$100 (plus cost of sound board, optional)

MHS Saber Assembly: Price of parts plus $60-$75, depending on complexity of design and if custom parts must be made

In addition to these starter prices, I can offer these optional upgrades:

Sound Board Install: Price of sound board (varies, see About page for details) + $30

Accent LED Install: $8 per LED

Custom Shroudwork: $20-$50 depending on complexity and material used.

Force FX Lightsaber Conversion: $100 (this is a service for people who already have a Hasbro or Master Replicas Force FX Lightsaber and want to make it duel-ready)

If you have a design in mind and are thinking of getting it made, feel free to email me with any questions at Including a sketch is always helpful. I will do my best to figure out the most practical and affordable way to get your saber made. For people who don't have a specific design in mind, I recommend starting with the MHS Builder on to get design ideas. 

If you decide to email me with a saber idea, please be sure to include the following details:

-Blade color (Blue, Green, Red, White, Amber, Cyan, Yellow. Purple is possible, but would cost extra).

-Type of Sound Board (if any)

-Type of switch: Standard or Illuminated (Economy Hasbro sound boards cannot use illuminated switches. Also, be sure to indicate color).

-Paint specifications, if any

-Accent LEDs? If so, color and placement.

-Crystals: Chamber, chassis, or pommel? A crystal chamber is a cutaway area of the hilt where a crystal shines through. A chassis is more complicated,and is limited by design requirements. With a chassis, the hilt would unscrew in the middle to reveal the crystal encased in an all-metal chassis (see Samael in the Photo gallery for an example). A crystal pommel is an illuminated acrylic crystal that shines through the vents in the pommel.

-A sketch of your design. Changes may need to be made, depending on how realistic the design is. A sketch is a good jumping off point.

After I have this information, I can get back to you with a price quote and we can discuss your available options. Once again, my email address is

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